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H1 Graphik, Bold Desktop: 50px Mobile: 28px Tag/class name: h1, .h1

Desktop: H1 style

Mobile: H1 style

H2 Graphik, Bold Desktop: 40px Mobile: 24px Tag/class name: h2, .h2

Desktop: H2 style

Mobile: H2 style

H3 Grapik, Bold Desktop: 36px Mobile: 18px Tag/class name: h3, .h3

Desktop: H3 style

Mobile: H3 style

H4 Graphik, Bold Desktop: 17px Mobile: 15px Tag/class name: h4, .h4

Desktop: H4 style

Mobile: H4 style

H5 Graphik, Semibold Desktop: 13px Mobile: 13px Tag/class name: h5, .h5

Desktop: H5 style
Mobile: H5 style

Body 1 Graphik, Medium Desktop: 16px Mobile: 16px Tag/class name: .body1

P1 Style. Get glammed your way with the ultimate Volta...

Body 2 Graphik, Medium Desktop: 15px Mobile: 14px Tag/class name: .body2

P2 Style. Half-up space buns with glitter and colorful hair chalk

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